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Sandhills Cranes

Bill, you made every hour special and with your knowledge, guiding and sharing we covered more, saw more, learned more, enjoyed ourselves more, in 48 hours than would have been the case had we been there two weeks on our own. You provided awesome experience leverage.

Sheldon and Penny Bowles

Winnipeg, Canada

Cattle veterinarian Bill Burdett’s lifelong interest in agriculture, geography, and history makes him the perfect ambassador to guide visitors through the state of Nebraska.  Bill is a rare blend of cowboy, scientist, grandpa, and disciple of Christ. His working knowledge of natural wonders including the sandhills, grasslands, pine ridge, rivers and valleys and farmlands will help you understand and enjoy this unique slice of American agriculture.   His respect for the people of rural Nebraska will be evident as you are introduced to the stewards of the land and their habitat.  Bill and I have worked together for many years in the cattle industry and have become personal friends with mutual respect for one another’s God-given talents.  He will introduce you to conversations with livestock producers that will mesmerize you and give you the rare opportunity to follow the less traveled roads of rural Nebraska with a guy that’s been on nearly all of them.

Dr. Kevin Hill

Kaysville, Utah

Nebraska is an amazing state filled with exciting things to see and do. If you want to see the realNebraska, the behind-the-scenes Nebraska, you need Dr. Bill Burdett from Horizons Without Bounds. He knows the plains and prairies like the back of his hand. You’ll get to meet the most charming people and see things a mere tourist will never see.

Whatever your interests, wildlife, history, culture, scenery, adventure, Bill knows where to find it. We watched the prairie chickens establishing their territories, an amazing sight. And they were just a few feet away while we were cozy in our blinds. We saw the famous sandhill cranes and met with a researcher to learn all about them.

We visited absolutely charming Amish families on their farms and met with amazing ranchers who really care for their land, their cattle and their work. We saw a stable full of the most beautiful Belgian horses. They’re trained to work the farm just as draft horses did a hundred years ago.

We actually got to visit a ranch that raises bucking bulls. That was so much fun and a real eye opener! And we haven’t even talked about the fabulous food, yet.

There’s so much more, but you have to experience it for yourself. You haven’t really visited Nebraska until you’ve seen it with Bill Burdett and Horizons without bounds.

Art & Roxanne Farmer

On the Road, All the Time

I have known Dr. Burdett for in excess of 20 years.  He has always exemplified himself as an honest, and energetic participant in the many ventures I’ve been privileged to join with him in. His knowledge of, and passion for Nebraska’s scenic beauty, and it’s agricultural lifeblood is second to none. His quick wit, and pleasant demeanor will put any and all at ease! I am certain you will have a truly memorable experience with “Dr. Bill” as your guide!

Mr. Steve Johnson

Grand Island, Nebraska

In early November our family of three spent several days with Bill Burdett in Central Nebraska.  During our time we experienced in-depth visits to two ranches with quite different approaches and objectives, spending some hours with the ranch owners who personally showed and explained to us what they did and why.  Visits to several farms during harvesting allowed us to see and understand what was going on and sometimes ride along with the ranchers doing their work.  Bill, who seemed to know people everywhere, kept up a constant interesting and informative narrative as we were shown many fascinating aspects of the area.  His Veterinary Medicine knowledge was often invaluable.  We were amazed at what was covered in such a short time, and can say that our experience was over the top and far exceeded our expectations.

Jay, Marj and Fred Kellaway


Working side by side on many veterinary projects with Dr. Burdett for nearly ten years has given me a window into his integrity and enthusiasm for life.There is no one more knowledgeable about, and appreciative of, his natural surroundings and no one more willing to share this Knowledge. I am proud to call Bill my friend!

Dr. Michael Bolton

Honor, Michigan

Dr. Bill Burdett owned a veterinary clinic in Nebraska and worked as a technical services veterinarian for many years.  In these jobs he traveled extensively throughout Nebraska and the U.S.  I can think of no better resource on the geography and history of Nebraska. 

Dr. Scott Nordstrom

Middlebrook, Virginia

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