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Do a 180 and become a wind turbine tech – you know, the people that climb a ladder up through a vertical cylinder so that they can get their kicks by dangling hundreds of feet above ground from a harness! If that isn’t enough to give you a kick start, consider that you will get...


Evan old dogs want to ride sometimes – especially on warm summer days:-). And seeing the horse reminds me that I’ve set up time with professional trail riders to provide horse rides at the time of the solar eclipse in later August. I have a fantastic location secured to view it in the great Nebraska...


On a recent trip through the Nebraska sandhills, I stopped to see my friend James Marshall in the little ranching town of Arthur. James is a busy, professional hat maker, and trust me, he custom makes standard-of-the-industry hats! This picture of James shows you just a little of his shop and the equipment he uses...


Nothing speaks to the sandhills of Nebraska more eloquently than Baxter Black’s ode to the windmill “Sandhills Savior”! Baxter did himself proud with this one and, with his permission, I’m posting it here. Thank you, Baxter! The photo is from Thompson Land and Cattle, Inc. in the sandhills. Thanks, Christi! I challenge you to allow...

As I walked through this prairie dog town in Central Nebraska, they let me know I wasn’t welcome.  Listen to the chatter on the video as they warned each other of the stranger’s presence.  You’ll notice that the grass in the town is basically non-existent as they’ve destroyed it in order to see predators better....

The dogs of heaven-1
The dogs of heaven-2
The dogs of heaven-3
The dogs of heaven-4
The dogs of heaven-5

Sun dogs don’t get much showier than these I photographed several years ago in a series of snapshots.  Plenty of ice crystals in the air and frigid temperatures are the ingredients for this heavenly recipe.  And, although coldest weather is over for now, I’ll be looking for this phenomenon again when that type of day...

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