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April 16, 2018by Bill Burdett

Pardon this lousy picture taken about 20 miles north of the Platte River Valley in Central Nebraska, but, if you look closely near the junction of the jet contrails, you can see a small contingency of Sandhills Cranes circling into formation as they prepare to continue their migration on north to Northern Canada and Siberia. These cranes, with their customary trilling vocalizations, and part of approximately 550K to 600K others this year in the valley, have fattened up on left over grain in the valley corn fields for the past month and are ready to take on the rigors of northern latitudes. I’ll hear them in the fall, once again, as they will have it on cruise control, high overhead, and headed south without the need, at that time, to frequent the shallows of the Platte and eat their fill of corn. Should you want to see these stately birds up close and personal – and all kinds of other birds and wildlife as well – contact me at 308-379-3261 or [email protected]. FB communications – not good for me. Sorry:-)!

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Bill Burdett

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