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July 11, 2022by Bill Burdett

What a ride! Downhill from Alliance to Wahoo over much of the SJNSB!

Maybe you’re into running, maybe swimming, maybe hiking.  Me – I like cycling, and the state of Nebraska with its fantastic country roads and low traffic is a great venue for that!  Email me, or give me a call, if you get the urge to strike out on a bicycle or four wheels – From Anywhere – To Anywhere.  The pictured map shows the not-exactly-in-a-straight-line route of this year’s BRAN – Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska – and it’s now in the books.  I was a rookie on the BRAN this year, and my pretty well conditioned, somewhat aged, bones made it over the entire 450 miles and up every hill.  It was awesome to experience the Sandhills Journey National Scenic Byway (SJNSB) yet again – and this time, on a bicycle!  A significant slice of this year’s BRAN 40.2 – so named because BRAN 40 (2020) and BRAN 40.1 (2021) were both cancelled due to COVID – followed the SJNSB.  Starting in Alliance, perched at 3966′, we gradually descended downward – trust me,there were a zillion hills to climb in between! – across the awesome, once-in-the-world Sandhills to hard land country and on to Wahoo sitting at 1211′.  I’d like to personally thank the communities along the entire route for the hospitality, food, and fun they showed a strung-out train of peddle pushers.  BRAN organizers and key people and all volunteers were phenomenal as well.  All involved were awesome!  Thank you!

Bill Burdett

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