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November 30, 2021by Bill Burdett

If you are someone that’s into cranes – the kind that fly – then you should have been in Central Nebraska about the 9th through the 12th of November along the Platte River.  I was fortunate to see a large number of Sandhill Cranes in a field next to the river, to compliment the many I saw and heard flying overhead, recently, as they were migrating south.  In the spring, that number swells to approximately 600,000 in a 70 miles stretch during their migration back north.  The really great thing this year was the large number of Whooping Cranes that spent some time near and on the river as well.  Out of only 500-600 surviving in the entire world, 60 plus were seen here in Central Nebraska this fall!  I spotted several in the river, at quite some distance, and was given the picture posted in this blog of Whooping Cranes in a corn field adjacent to the river.  It was taken by JayDee Flohr of JayDee’s Fotos (1475969576043220 on FB).  They’re just another reason to be thankful for all that we are blessed with at this Thanksgiving-Christmas time!  Should you want to communicate with me about how you can see not only cranes but a plethora of other wildlife – like the bull elk one of my grandsons and I spotted while canoeing one of our local, braided rivers a couple of months ago – and great scenery, contact me via email at [email protected], or call or text me at 308-379-3261 (my response reliability on FB is “sorry”, so please don’t contact me that way).  If history is your thing, I’m into that big time, too, including outlaws’ and other nefarious characters’ hangouts as well as true heroes of old Nebraska and the old west!  And remember, our MO is From Anywhere – To Anywhere!

Bill Burdett

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